New Classes for WBCE CMS,  1.4.1
Documentation for all new Classes in WBCE CMS
WBCE CMS folder structure.

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This is about the basic WBCE CMS directory structure and the basic functions of those folders.

"var" and "config" are quite new and "account" and "search" are to be removed soon. Some folders even can be moved to somewhere else eg. the "pages" folder.

All folders explained

Lets take a look at the folderstructure:


We will no step by step go through the folders and explain what their function is.


The account folder is partly like the admin directory ist a somehow thrown together backend that displays in the frontend mainblock. It is meant for managing the the user data if users are allowed to edit own settings. This functionality is soon to be transfered into a module, after that the folder is removed . Maybe we leave the index.php and folder for compatibility.

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The adminfolder contains the actual WBCE CMS backend, its more or less a small CMS its own. The BE functionality completely differs from the frontend. All BE pages are conteined into their seperate folders sharing only the template/theme folder.

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This is a completely new folder introduced mainly to make the install process more easy. The old config.php file often suffered from the problem that some hosters decide to not allow scrits write access to the webroot folder. So User had to handle the renaming of the config.php file themsefs. When the new install process is finished , users only have to take care of the correct access rights the the folders.

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Contains all files for the WBCE CMS framework. Core functions/classes the init process and all other core releated things.

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The include folder contains all external libraries like PHPmailer, Twig (the template engine), PHPlib, PCLzip, Idna Converter.... and many more

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This folder contains all scripts needed to install WBCE CMS

Normally this folder is deleted after installation. If its not deleted , please delete it manually as its a gread security issue to leave it on the webspace.

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The languages folder contains all language files needed for the WBCE CMS core. All languages can be installed and uninstalled via the admin backend.

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The media folder contains all media uploaded by WB users, galleries store their images here, downloads can be stored here and if a module handles any kind of file uploads, all goes to the media folder. Its possible to browse and maintain the folder through the media manager in the admin backend.

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All modules installled in WBCE CMS reside in the modules folder. Admin tools, frontend modules, snipits all can be found in the modules folder.

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The pages folder contains the access files for all generated frontend pages. The directory structure is the same as the one displayed in the directory tree in admin BE.

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The search folder is pretty similar to the account folder as its a standalone search display that shares some parts whith the common core. Search same as account both have no page id when called. It soon to be moved to a module.

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The classical temp folder only thing thats missing is that it needs to be erased on a regular basis.

We need a mechanism that deletes the content of the temp folder on a regular basis.

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All templates installed go to the templates folder. Both frontend and backend themes are moved here upon installation. Additionally this folder contains the new default system templates. The old admin default tempaltes reside in the admin folder under themes and templates.

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This is a new folder, it was made to offer a place to store settings, templates and more. The most important thing is that all things stored here normally are not affected by uninstall or upgrade in any way.

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