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New Module features in 1.2.x.{#module features}

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Since WBCE CMS 1.2.x Modules ot far more flexibility than before.

From now on every module is allowed to supply its in snippet, so for example WBstats installs whithout addind stuff to the template. Or Caption slider does not need reactivating the snippet after upgrade or manual update of modules. In addition to that you can combine almost all module functionalities in one module. In case of WB stats that means that you have a snippet for collecting data , an admin tool to view stats in the backend and a frontend(page) module to display stats in the frontend.

In addition to that you have 2 special hooks that allow modules to interact whith the init process, either to change basic values like $page_id or language in a very early state(preinit) or to register classes or directories, in a later state if the init process(initialize)

This is usefull if suddenly and technical or leagal issues need to be solved before its save to go back online again. When Page is shut dowm a special template is shown that the page is under maintainance and will be online soon.

Only users in group admin still are able to browse the pages, so you possibly need to change your user before you actually can see the maintainance mode.

Activating/deactivating maintainance mode

There are two ways activating the maintainance mode first is by using the "Maintainance Mode" admin tool the second is by setting a constant.

Using the admin tool

The admin tool is installed by default so simply navigate to the admin tool section of your backend and select the Maintainance Mode tool. It has only one checkbox so check/uncheck and save that's it.

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Using a system constant.

Add a line to the config.php in the /config/ folder(in older versions of WBCE config.php is in the root directory)

define('WB_MAINTAINANCE_MODE', true);

You can deactivate it by either deleting the line or by setting the mode to false.

Setting maintainance mode via config.php completely overrides the admin tool.

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Templates for maintainance mode

The maintainance mode now uses a template instead of some PHP/HTML mix that was used before to display the maintainance message when there where no pages.

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Default template

The default template for maintainance mode can be found in


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Custom Template

From now on its possible for templates to overwrite system templates so if a template holds alternative definitions for the maintainance mode template they will be used instead of the default ones.

Any template can have a custom maintainance template placed in /templates/yourtemplate/system/maintainance.tpl.php

At this time the maintainance mode is limited to only use the default template set in website options in the backend.

Add a maintainance mode switch to the BE for easy and quick toggle.

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