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This article discusses the new features available for authors of admin tools since WBCE CMS 1.1.x

Basically admin tools are simple apeforms that call themselves again and again. If input is ok and valid so far they trigger some form of action and then call themselfes again.

Language Files

Language file are loaded automatically and in the right order.

English is loaded first so all language variables are defined, then the localized language file is loaded. that way we dont have any unset variables even if the localized version is incomplete.

If you tool still loads the files on its own, it wont't break anything but its no longer needed.

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Already loaded classes and files

The following classes and files are already loaded or available, so you don't need to include/require them again.

The autoloader includes:

In addition to that the admin class is initialized($admin) and the header is printed.

If you are still loadyĆ­ng any of these files manually this may cause some problems.

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Additional variables

Basically some helper variables where already there but they where inconsistent and many features where missing.
Here is a list of all new extra vars.

$modulePath      Local path to this module directory. 
$languagePath    Local path to language files of this module. 
$returnToTools   Url to return to generic tools page.
$returnUrl       Url for return link after saving AND for sending the form!
$doSave          Set true if form is send.
$saveSettings    Set true if there are actual settings send.
$saveDefault     Set true if "default" button was pressed.
$toolDir         Plain tool directory name like "maintainance_mode"
$toolName        The name of the tool eg "Maintainance Mode"

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Javascript and CSS

backend.js and backend.css are automatically loaded into the backend template, manual loading is no longer required.

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Example Modules

Not all admintools in the core are already modified to run whith the new features. But some can be used as example tools to see how the new features can be used .

For now this are:

If you look into these 2 tools you easyly realize, if its about global settings the settings class is very helpfull.

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